Though eCommerce could easily be summed up as a simple online transaction for those who are not involved in the art itself, everyone who actively engages in the niche enterprise of eCommerce is well aware that this basic description is primitive and inadequate when it comes to depicting the true facets of the market. There are six fundamental, basic categories of eCommerce that each have their own specifications and functions.

Type 1: Business to Business

When we think of business to business, or B2B eCommerce, it should seem relatively self-explanatory. In essence, it is simply two or more business engaging in online transactions. It encompasses every type of possible electronic trade of goods and services betwixt companies, like resellers and wholesalers.

Type 2: Business to Consumer

Business to Consumer is where the dynamic and relationship gets a little bit tricky. This particular engagement happens to be distinguished by the involvement of the business and the final consumer, which mimics the relations of an in-person retail experience. It is characterized by its amiable yet sporadic nature, but its ability to provide consumers with viable goods is a necessary and imperative function.

Type 3: Consumer to Consumer

The idea of a C2C relationship in the eCommerce world represents a dynamic on an equal playing field. Because these transactions are typically conducted through a third party, they are often discounted or neglected, but they are a crucial part of the eCommerce world. The goods and services supplied to other consumers by a non-business entity is a fundamentally intriguing concept for those who engage in the world of business.

Type 4: Consumer to Business

Though the concept of consumer to business might seem foreign and peculiar to the newcomers to the eCommerce domain, it is one of the most revolutionary. When you think of C2B eCommerce, you can image crowdsourcing projects and other such instances wherein the consumer is being supported by the company for providing a good or service.

Type 5: Business to Administration

The public administration is a crucial aspect of the business industry that cannot be overlooked, even in a market like the eCommerce domain. This sector of eCommerce activity often focuses on critical funding instances like social security and legal permits.

Type 6: Consumer to Administration

C2A eCommerce typically revolves around taxes, health, education, and other such public services that need monetary support.

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