With every technological advance comes new vulnerabilities. You never know what could go wrong until someone tries to show you, albeit in an illegal and unfortunate way. The POS system alternative is fast-replacing the ancient cash register, but this rise in innovation is sure to result in some serious predicaments that will need resolution. After all, a POS system relies on the cloud, on infrastructure data protection, and on other such fragile components. That’s not to say that POS systems are bad or incapable, but there are certain things that a business investing in a POS system needs to keep in mind.

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Vulnerability #1: It’s Hard to Secure the Retail Infrastructure.

Though it is quite the unfortunate reality, retail infrastructure is one of the most complex and difficult data sources to secure, protect, and encrypt. It would be utterly impossible to try to ensure that all of the data is secure, and because of this, retailers simply cannot avoid the potential future outcome of their entire business experiencing fraud.  Hackers are incredibly talented people, and they have been successfully breaching retailers for decades. From situations like the famed Target breach, wherein hackers stole credentials and installed malware to gain access to customer data, to less well-known but still detrimental cases, hackers pose a serious threat to the average business using a POS system.

Vulnerability #2: POS Systems Are Super Easy to Understand.

You might be tempted to only see this particular attribute as an advantage to the use of a POS system, but having an easily understood and comprehensible system means that hackers can more readily access information that should be encrypted. Typically, POS systems have detailed communication charts that examine the overall transaction process, including payment information and inventory analysis. Depending on how large your company is, you could seriously damage your reputation and lose wonderful customers because of such a huge invasion of privacy. Even something as simple as an unprotected WiFi network and a lack of encryption can result in someone having immediate access to all of your business information.

Vulnerability #3: Malware Can Be The End of the World.

Because POS systems are entirely computer-oriented, without proper security measures and encryption, any run-of-the-mill hacker can easily take advantage of your system and install malware that shuts the entire thing down. Malware enables hackers to gain access to information, and it corrupts your POS system as a whole.